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KRS MEDIA CO | Film & Marketing🏆
Media Agency
All in One Marketing Powerhouse🐐 by @_krisbarnes
Commercial | Entertainment | Brands & Advertising

In a nutshell, we create cinematic, story-based, and viral content for businesses and help them convert/grown revenue using videos and social media advertising. (digital marketing). It would take more than what you are willing to read here to understand in-depth of how we scale companies to 6-7+ figures using these strategies.



Media Packages

  • Branding Session with KRS MEDIA CO. ( Photography Hourly Rate)

    Covers Studio Spacing Lighting Equipment Professional Camera Setup *NO LIMIT ON PHOTOS (Quality Over Quantity)

    $ 450
  • Social Media Monthly (Video Content Creation)

    Create professional social media content videos(monthly) - minimum (3) month commitment.

    $ 2,000
  • Cinematic Starter Package

    •Great for local business owners and those looking to grow a brand using cinematic video creatives.  Create cinematic/professional advertising content for your social media, ads, and or website use

    $ 2,500
  • Biographical Film (Biopic) - KRS MEDIA LLC

    A film that allows the consumer to connect to your business/services on a personal level. These videos can be used as credibility when running advertisements to increase revenue and new leads. We have tested these against warm and cold leads and they have performed greatly each time with the right strategy. Use the video to enhance your website content, social media and more.

    $ 5,000
  • Cinematic Commercial with Advertising(Bundle)

    A film that you may have seen many times across your social feeds creating a joyful, energetic, and electrifying approach to draw a user into your system. You can cut this system on anytime and it will generate you new clients on demand with a cinematic commercial to engage your new users with.

    $ 6,500

Advertising Agency(Paid Social Media Marketing) - Advertising Across Any Social Media Platform with Guaranteed Results. We require a (3) month minimum for all advertising services. We recommend a minimum budget of $500/month to dedicate towards your advertising budget expense this will be used specifically to run your ads.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Facebook & Google Ads Bundle
    $ 4,000
  • Facebook & Tiktok Ads ( E-Commerce Bundle)
  • Google and YouTube Ads Bundle

Social Media Growth Package

  • (15) Talking Head Videos

    One Setup-One Shooting Day - TikTok Vertical or Horizontal Style Professional Setup. Great for explainer videos, YouTube Channel, etc.

    $ 6,000

Brand Story / Mission Video

  • Brand Story

    A short film to tell your story of who you are and what type of experience you provide for your clients. Focusing on what sets your business apart from others. - Half Day Shoot (4 hours) at up to 2 locations with our team  - Music Licensed for Commercial Use - 2 Cameras, Professional Audio and Lighting Kit Setup Goal: To Increase Trust with your target market.

    $ 10,000


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