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With limited exposure for black-owned businesses, it could be difficult to locate exactly what you are looking for. Like-minded individuals are always seeking the next highly rated business that supports superior customer service, beneficial products, or exceptional services. B.O.M.M. (Black-owned Market Movement) stands as that median and serves the black community by providing an advertised platform for current and future black entrepreneurs in order to generate business exposure.   

The ideology of B.O.M.M. was based out of San Antonio, Texas and generated from acknowledgement of limited exposure from local black business owners. Publication of local black business owners was and continues to be sought as a priority in order to increase substantial growth. B.O.M.M. is available for (but not limited to) use from anyone who is seeking a particular category of businesses or looking to support black-owned businesses. Feel free to explore, enjoy, and show your local black-owned businesses some love. 

Our Mission

We believe that equal opportunity is important in our nation and that everyone deserves to benefit from hard work and dedication in order to achieve their goals. In order to narrow the socio-economic gap for black-owned businesses, our mission is to seek advances and opportunities to market and advertise black-owned businesses nationwide to generate increased exposure and increased revenue flow.

Our Vision

We foresee a more balanced blend of entrepreneurs of ALL races and ethnicity that offer high quality products and services due specifically to the increased awareness of businesses that we provide to the general public.

Meet the Founders of B.O.M.M.

Jarius Johnson / President

President and CEO of B.O.M.M. (Black-owned Market Movement).  Jarius is an ambitious and adaptive Virginia native who has dedicated much of his time conducting research and contributing to his well-rounded background. B.O.M.M. serves as an up and coming desktop and mobile application and mobile platform based out of San Antonio, TX with the sole purpose of promoting and empowering new and current black entrepreneurs nationwide.  Jarius has an bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering along with a graduate degree in Information Technology.  Jarius is Security+ certified, has over 6 years of project management experience, and he has also actively served our nation in the United States Army.  While in the military, Jarius has continued to seek bridging methods in order to persuade equality amongst entrepreneurship in the nation along with designing methods to empower black entrepreneurs.  He has also sought after and conducted countless hours of study in order to amplify methods to increase work flow.  B.O.M.M. serves that purpose, allowing for national exposure with ownership capabilities like no other!

Candace Johnson / Vice President

Vice President and COO of B.O.M.M. (Black-owned Market Movement). Candace is a aspiring and versatile native of North Carolina who has spent most of her life traveling around the world along with studying societal norms and demographic trends. A graduate from Park University where she majored in Sociology, Candace has gone from a military brat to military spouse. She has devoted over 6 years of research on human behaviors along with her active involvement in the black community to raise awareness for multiple causes. The continuous adaptation to new environments and situations is nothing short to par of her skillset.
She also has over 10 years of combined experience in administration, banking, finance, and graphic design. With her extensive toolset, this has led Candace to expand her knowledge and understanding further in order to create innovative concepts, conduct extensive research, and seek out the best methods in order to support and revolutionize the business needs within the black community.