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Black-owned Market Movement

To start, we are 100% black-owned.  We have more of a focus on promoting other businesses using our extensive and very broad networks in order for these businesses to succeed and grow.  We also offer additional owner beneficial aspects that other sites do not offer to help them organize and achieve their goals.

No problem!  You have the freedom to alter, change, or delete your listing(s) prior to expiration.

Within each of our client’s personal dashboards, we offer the option to share your business amongst your desired social media medians.

Currently, you have the option to share with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We use the secure payment method of Stripe and Amazon pay. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 which provides top level security amongst encryption standards.

We currently offer an affiliate program.

Unfortunately, no due to maintaining authenticity of each business or event.  However, vulgar, explicit, or unprofessional actions will not be allowed and may result in administrative deletion of review or listing.

Yes, as a business owner it is vital to establish a healthy connection with your clients and potential clients.  As owners, it is our responsibility to ensure superior customer service.

For any technical difficulties, you could reach us by accessing the “Contact Us” section.

Please refer to the “About Us” tab for our current pricing package rates as they are subject to change.

Payments are made prior to creating your listing.  Once your listing reaches a week from expiration, you will be notified in order to maintain your listing.

To serve our clients and consumers, we periodically make necessary updates on a regular basis to ensure top service is maintained.

Our simple to use user interface (UI) allows our clients to update as often and frequent as they would like.

By utilizing our user-friendly dashboard, it is simple to hide, show, or delete information pertaining to your business.  We want you to have as much flexibility towards reaching your audience as possible.

Your privacy is our primary priority.  Our Privacy Policy states what and how we use your information.

More than one business or events? No problem!  We look out for owners who have a multitude of business operations by providing many options towards presenting their names.

We strive to include many categories of businesses and listing which we heavily monitor as more businesses become a part of our community.  We base our analytics from what we reason and create new categories accordingly.

We are very protective of our clients information.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information pertaining to how we use your information.

As an entrepreneur, we understand that your brand is very important, and images are used to advertise for it.  Please refer our subscription packages to determine your specific business needs.

Yes.  In order to ensure that business are serving their purposes, we vet each one.  If, however, pages are accepted and later altered towards un-professionalism, we are subject to remove listing(s).  Please review our Terms and conditions for additional details.

Yes, you can become an owner after being a guest (no need to make an additional account).  Go to “My Account” in the top right corner, select “My Profile”.  Once on the “My Profile” page, look in the left column to where it says “Change your role”.  Select the drop down arrow and change it from “Guest” to “Owner”.  Scroll to the very bottom and select “Save Changes”.  Once saved, your side options will change.

As this is allowed, it is discouraged.  You have limitations as a guest user but can access everything as an owner and still follow others.

This is a feature we hope that many will use to collaborate, venture, and expand nationwide.  The purpose of this feature is to help find what you are looking for whether you are planning to change locations or visit an area.

-Someone who is at least 25% African-American must own at least 51% of the business and the member must be in charge of business management and daily operations.

-Must operate for profit.