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Our Services

We offer affordable packages and services in order to generate and increase the growth of black-owned businesses nationwide. We ultimately want us to all succeed and grow with this continued movement.


We guarantee more

We strive to provide an extensive network by utilizing our internal, state, and national networks which allows you to obtain substantial growth to your business. We also seek local community events nationwide to become heavily involved with.  


Promote the black community

Getting our name out there isn't always the easiest. We serve as the median you need to accomplish this task.  


Encourage new

We are available to work with anyone and want to see more clients working with us!


Use us as a smart

Use us to generate revenue. By investing in us, you are gaining additional exposure which gains you additional revenue.


Not only are we black-owned, we are veteran owned as well

More black-owned businesses need a chance and need to exist. We are doing our part to provide a platform serving as 100% black owned and veteran owned.


Discover other black entrepreneurs like yourself

Use us to reach out and establish future partnerships.  We offer a range of options and host a multitude of entrepreneurs like yourself. 


We focus on the primary

Other medians of marketing have tendencies to fade away from the primary focus on owners and entrepreneurs. This causes a decrease in exposure.


We offer more than just exposure

As busy as most entrepreneurs get, we all need additional assistance at times. We offer certain tools to make you and keep you successful with your business. Being prior military, encourages organizational traits and seeking ways to make lives better.


Capability to analyze areas with higher needs of business

We offer a multitude of tools and exposure but for upcoming business, we offer visuals to pinpoint locations for potential growth

Local and state accredited

As a growing business, we are becoming more accredited and seeking further propositions in order to give additional notice to our clients.

Did you know

According to the most recent available Census data during year of 2020, there are more than two million Black-owned businesses in America. Of this number, 124,000 are defined as “employer firms,” which means that they have employees in addition to the proprietor(s).

According to the Minority Business Development Agency, those two million companies generated more than $150 billion in gross revenue, which is less than 1% of the more than $2 trillion in reported gross revenue nationwide .

Fundera, 2020

Entrepreneurship & The Black Community

Ownership is the essence of freedom.  As a black community, we need to realize that we have to rise up and take action towards growing, building, collaborating, and empowering one another. Seek out individual dreams and goals and constantly water them. Watch our interview with our official partner, Brunch Boss!

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The time is now

Pursue your goals and accomplish your dreams. If you are considering starting your own business, there is plenty of help out there. Start by looking into our professional services and they will get you on the right track. Stay focused and make things happen! We look forward to working with you and building your image!